31. A Somewhat Cheesy Star

I just got home from a truly beautiful night with friends, some of whom I had not seen for several months. Between dancing, singing and looking at photos from our workshop last spring, we shared a delicious meal of mostly self-made food. That was where this star 'happened':

About this corner which has been nibbled off: No, my friends do not have mice in their appartment, that was me. I took on the bold venture of eating cheese... Strange as it may seem to some people, I don't like cheese - at least as long as it's not grilled, and appart from mozzarella which does not quite qualify as cheese in my opinion. So, yes, I tried it - once more - and still got the same feedback from my sensory nerves: 'Nice joke, honey, but keep that stuff away from us in future.'

So, the fact remains: No ungrilled cheese for me - appart from mozzarella, that is. ;-)

P.S.: Mehr Klebstoff! ;D


  1. Ha, ha, that is how I feel about celery. I see everyone else enjoying it so once every five years I have some, but it still makes me shudder.