35. Rorschach Inkblot

I've reached the end of week 5 - and I'm still in love with all these stars. :)
Suprisingly many people are telling me they keep looking at my blog every now and then; surprisingly many people catch fire when I tell them about this project, and immediately start thinking about what else I could do or how they could hep me with a particular star. I'm beginning to realise how sharing this can make everything a lot more interesting and push me on (sometimes to where I would not normally have gone...)
So, thanks for all the ideas, comments and excitement - whether online or in 'real life' ;) - it makes this whole project so much more enjoyable and so much more fun!

I've also reached the final week of my summer break from university and thus decided to do a psychology project today (in order to revive the psychology spirit a little 'cause it feels like it will take some time to revive that...) So, make free associations: What do you see in this picture?

P.S.: You may try this at home, but if you do, be sure to have a cleanable surface or else a lot of paper and tissues around - at least if you're using real black ink... :)

1 comment:

  1. Mhhh, ... could one say that a star is some kind of phallus symbol? With all its spiky parts...

    Apart from that: I see the skin of some kind of animal. Maybe a black fox or something like that. But somehow it has quite many legs... Maybe it's a mixture of a fox and some insect? OR it is the skin of a fox that had eaten something resembling a stick before its death... (do you know the snake, exhibited in the nature museum in Frankfurt, which died while trying to swallow some kind of pig?).