46. Pumpkin with Stars

Woohoo! I made my first ever jack-o'-lantern! I'll still have to work on it a bit tomorrow to make it shine brighter, but the basics are visible:

I'll probably update tomorrow night when it will hopefully be finished. There was not enough time today as my friend Tina and I were very busy not only with carving our pumpkins but also with preparing a pumpkin dinner for our friends - pumpkin soup, pumpkin apple pie and pumpkin waffles. So delicious! (I'm always amazed if kitchen experiments turn out well, since I'm not overly experienced in cooking or baking - I just try some new things every now and then.)

Also, this was actually the first time ever I took a look inside a pumpkin. And what an excitement that was! :D

Update 2011-10-22:
It's finished! And so am I - at least my back and my right hand and arm. But I'm happy with the result, so cut the whining, girl...^^