My High Lights

As the number of stars is increasing rather rapidly, I decided to put together a collection of my favourite ones - for anyone who drops by and simply wants to get an overview, as well as for myself to serve as a reminder and motivation. :)

6. Flourishes
7. Glowing in the Dark
14. Deep Ecology
15. Dancing Chestnut
23. Lighting up the Night
27. A Human Supernova
33. A Three-Generations Star
39. Celtic Knot
46. Pumpkin with Stars
78. "TheAdventures of Little Stick-Star"
98. Bascetta Star Construction 
119. "Sterntaler"
140. Music Monday #3
146. Book Sculpture Star
163. Sushi Star
209. Music Monday #7
224. Flip Book Star
228. Space Traffic on Milky Way
234. Playing Card Star-Ball Sculpture
236. Star Poetry
237. Zentangle Star
325. Star-Making in Reverse
344. Wisdom Tooth Star
359. STAR Backronym
364. Tracking Stars - Going Home

Right, this is it. It was really tough to break it down to a mere 25 favourites but here they are now: All of them are special to me - even more than the others, that is... - for various reasons. They're probably also a pretty good overview of the variety of shapes this project took on. :)

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