206. Cathexis Star

I met a lot of great people during the time of this internship. Some of them ("meine" Cathexen) made a star for me today when we said goodbye:


Thank you guys for those amazing six weeks! Always remember: You are wonderful. :)

205. Spoon Star

Another night out with several of us drinking hot chocolate instead of beer:

Note the little stars the flash made on the spoons! :)

Oh, and the strange thing above the star is supposed to be Easter decoration: a plastic bunny inside a ring of plastic grass. (Somehow, the bunny appeard a lot more beautiful while we still thought it was made of wood...)


204. Chocolate Spread Star

While working here at the clinic, it has become a tradtition for me to eat a slice of bread with chocolate spread every evening as desert after dinner. Routines are important! :) Apparently, this one has been rather fascinating for my friends here and we were all stunned that I had not yet made a star out of it. So, before I'm leaving on Saturday, I had to take that opportunity last night.

The picture will follow soon. A friend took it since I had no camera with me. (How rare!)


203. Paper Crane Mobile

Today, I finished making a mobile of paper cranes. I decorated the 'ceiling' with a star:

202. Orange Origami Star

I learnt a lot about "orange" this night when we watched two films about the Sannyasa movement. Slightly disturbing if you look at the whole picture...

Here's a star for the occasion:

201. Tortilla Chips Star

This is the first time I'm using one of my emergency stars, because it seems impossible to think of anything I could do and I'm already two days late. I made this one months ago but had already made another more interesting star that day, so I saved it for desperate times.

P.S.: It doesn't really have anything to do with Sunday, but it fits to our film night on Monday. :)

200. 200 Stars

Well, nothing big, but to honour my 200th day of the project, I made a little drawing of 200 little stars:


199. Gravel Drawing

This afternoon, I took a break in the sun in the village's little market square. I used the gravel beneath the bench to draw today's star:


198. Narcissus Leaves

As my flowers are slowly dying I collected the floppy leaves to make a star:

"Narcissus Leaves" - pun intended. :D


197. Open CD Cases

My instructor at the clinic is an amazing woman from whom I can learn incredibly much! I'm really blessed with her!
Now she gave me a bunch of CDs in two big cases made for 6 each, and it seems only fitting to make those into a star:


196. Clay Star

Today I took the opportunity of a rather free afternoon to explore the clinic's art room. That's where I found some clay and a star-shaped biscuit cutter, which made the choice for today's star easy, really:

I plan on letting it dry and then adding some colour.

195. Ceiling Star

Yesterday, I felt completely and utterly uninspired. Even when I tried to think of something today, that would relate to yesterday, nothing came to mind. So I resorted to a rather uninspired star which I "make" several times a day simply by switching on the light in my room:

To tell the truth: I'm a lot more fascinated with the picture than I thought I would be. So, motto for the day: Find beauty everywhere! :)


194. Star Sudoku

This is what I discovered and solved today:

Instructions: All triangles must be filled in with the numbers 1 through 9. Every large triangle and every straight line (even if it's interrupted in the middle) may contain any number only once. (Watch out: Some of the straight lines consist of only eight triangles!)

193. Shamrock Star

While walking through town yesterday, I realised it was St. Patrick's Day when I passed an Irish Pub. The corresponding star, however, had to wait until today as I was far too tired when I got home - and today I went on a little hiking trip which made it easy to find some clover.

I ended up making two shamrock stars. For the first one I just picked some and arranged it in a star shape:

Later, I discovered a larger patch of clover and trimmed it a little:

Since I couldn't decide which one I liked better, I just took them both for today's stars.


192. Identified Stars

Last night, I've been out to enjoy a very clear and starry night sky. The north wasn't really dark enough with the lights from several towns around. But the south was full of stars - and not even a moon to outshine them. :)

Here are the stars, constellations, and planets which I was able to identify without a doubt (red):

191. Candle Carving

Thursday, 2012-03-15:

Just a little carving in the side of a candle which I got for my birthday:


190. Filing Fastener Star

Another star made of office supplies:

189. Paper-Clip-Chain Star

As I was sitting in our little office on Tuesday, I discovered the box full of paper clips and made this star:

188. Palm Leaf Star

Monday's star was late again. But the huge leaf I used to make it I found on Monday:

It's just a tiny piece of one of these huge leaves:


187. Birthday Stars

While I'm in exile, my wonderful friends back home sent me a parcel with lots of beautiful presents. Among those a Jar of Cake, including seven candles as seven stars - one for each of them:

These count as "made" since I stuck the candles into the cake an lit them (which proved to be rather a challenge^^).

Here are some more starry things I got for my birthday:

 soap, biscuits, a card, and a children's book :)

 daffodils from my wonderful flatmate and fellow intern at the clinic

an e-card from my dad

... plus a lot of starlight wishes from many people which made me feel so wonderful! :)

186. Another Star Puzzle

To get my mind off work, I resumed solving some "Professor Layton" puzzles. This time there was one where I actually had to make a star, so that became yesterday's star. This is the puzzle:

And here follows the solution = the star:


185. Solar Storm

Yesterday's star - finished today: A tribute to my home star

Quite by chance I discovered that our sun is rather active these days. This is my own version of a solar storm:

184. Various Drinks Star

Thursday's star

Another night out with friends and drinks of different kinds:


183. "Bergfest" Star

Today was my project's half-time! I can't really believe it, especially since it is very much just a sideline at the moment and I keep forgetting about my stars. Still, I wanted to make something significant, connected to having made it through half a year.
There's an expression in German for the day which marks the middle of a certain period of time: "Bergfest" which roughly translates to "mountain celebration". So, I made a star out of a mountain today:

It's a picture of the very summit of the Zugspitze - Germany's highest mountain which is not very far from where I'm currently staying - repeated eight times over and arranged in a circle. Unfortunately, the quality of the original picture wasn't too good, so it's a little pixelated, but it serves the purpose. :)

182. Chocolate Wrapper Star

Very simple, very silver, very skew:


181. Candle-and-Tissue Star

Okay, here's the first time I actually worked ahead. I made this star yesterday already when we were out eating pizza, and I made nothing today:

Just a candle in a bottle with some tissue wrapped around it.

Lots of tissues and paper napkins lately...


180. Paper Napkin Star

Here's today's star, made out of paper napkins during our Sunday brunch at the clinic where I'm working:

I'm up to date again with those stars - let's see for how long... ;)

179. Basket-and-Tissue Star

Another late star: I finished the physalis yesterday which left me with an empty little plastic basket. Today, I stuck some ripped tissue pieces into it to make this:


Sadly, I don't have any good colours with me. I would have liked to paint the tissue.


178. Muffin Paper Star

A little something to make me feel better: I bought some pastry and used the paper to make this little star:

177. Tea Wrapper Star

The essence of Thursday:

Tons of tea - drunk in the faint hope of fighting off this nasty cold...