53. Vertigo

Yesterday morning, I dug out my U2 CDs again and since then I've been listening to them non-stop. About one third of the time it's a neverending loop of a great live version of 'Vertigo' - and it doesn't feel like I'm going to get tired of it any time soon.^^

So here's my vertigo-inducing star (and while I could listen to the music for hours on end, I wouldn't want to look at this for more than 30 seconds...):

P.S.: This is the first computer-made star of the project.^^ (Spiral design by Akiyoshi Kitaoka)


  1. Oh, wow,
    I must say, I feel a bit dizzy right now... oO How did you do this?

  2. I found the design in one of my books on optical illusions. Several tries at photographing it failed, so I ended up using one I found online. I merely cut it into a star shape. :)