51. Mordsstern

Ganz herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, lieber Papa! Ich wünsch dir einen mörderisch tollen Tag!

Yay! I got a star-shaped cake mould! :D I used it to make a special cake for my Dad whose birthday is today. He's into all kinds of murder mystery and detective stories, that's why the cake had to suffer a sudden death. Sadly, he lives more than 400 km away from me, so he cannot eat any of it... I'll eat some for him, then.^^

P.S.: The title is a German pun. Literally, it means 'murder star', but it could be understood as 'tremendous star' or 'a real humdinger of a star' (according to my dictionary - I've never come across that expression before... :))


  1. Ohh, that's so cool!! Makes me think of our Krimi-Dinner we are heading to ;)

  2. Oh nuuu, the star looks so shocked!
    Poor cute little star!

    But the idea is absolutely... what's the adjective to genious? genious...ish?
    Anyway, I love it!


    P.S.: Love the bottle, too!

  3. Hahaaa der Stern sieht sooo süß aus - und guckt ganz erschrocken, weil er erstochen wird :(

    Würde auch zu Halloween morgen passen ;)

  4. Ha ha! This is great! I love the face the cake is making :)