50. Bedside Lamp Shadow

A long and somewhat exhausting day - too much hustling, too much rushing from one place to another, and too much forgetting about things... Now it's lights off for me (and movie on):


I simply made a lid with a star-shaped hole in it for my bedside lamp. It was a bit tricky to take a picture, though: With the lamp on the bedside table, the star was far too big and half of it was on the wall; simply holding the lamp up towards the ceiling wouldn't work either because I couldn't get the camera in my other hand far enough away to capture the whole star. So, I built a pedestal for my lamp out of a table and a high stool, and lay down on the floor to take the photo... Ah, what I wouldn't do to get my daily dose of starlight... :)

P.S.: I did notice this is star number 50... I did think that maybe I should do something special today... I did not even get close to mustering the energy for that, though... Anyway, there are so many more still to come. Just wait until I get to one hundred...! ;)

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  1. Good for you for making stars even when you're tired! It is a challenge for me too. But then I'm happy I did it. :)