43. Year of the Stars

In the light of university lectures resuming today after the summer break (for me, that is - there are poor people who already had to start yesterday) , I realised I would soon need a new calendar for next year. Appointments dates and deadlines are going to cumulate over the next few weeks.
I had been on the lookout for a pocket calender for some time already but… well, I got to know myself over the past years so I am aware that this search is rather pointless. So I ended up bying the cheapest one I found of the right fromat and altered it:




Inside, I added some notable celestial events of next year (t.b.c.).

I seriously considerd redoing it all because I was quite unhappy with the front cover (I felt very clums with the paint brush and the far too thick white paint). But there's this thing about perfectionism, you know... unhealthy and all. I figured I could live with this version. Plus, I would have been very uncomfortable throwing away my first ever nine-pointed star. ;)

P.S.: Concerning its title: I am aware that my personal year of stars will end already in September 2012. However, 1. the larger portion of the project falls into next year, not this year; 2. I will begin next year with lots of stars on my mind; 3. who knows whether I will actually (be able to) stop after the 365th star?; and 4. who cares, anyway? :D


  1. Schöööön geworden! Ganz toll! Und sch**ß auf den Perfektionismus ;)
    Hab ich auch immer wieder Probleme mit... merke: Man selbst sieht immer 1000 Sachen, die andere nicht sehen. Als ich dein Frontcover betrachtet hab, dachte ich nämlich bloß, dass ich das richtig richtig toll finde, vor allem die Schörkel, die vom Stern wegführen =)

  2. It's so beautiful!
    Don't always listen to your perfectionism. I think sometimes it keeps us from doing wonderful things, only because we think they are not good enough (but they are!!).

  3. Dankeschööön, ihr Lieben!
    Good to know I've got some allies in fighting perfectionism! ;)