40. Suminagashi

Today, I spent some time looking for other people who are doing yearlong projects or daily challenges. Yes, they are out there, and they are more than just few. :)
One of them has introduced me to a new technique I had never seen nor heard about before: Suminagashi - the Japanese art of marbling. It basically consists of dipping paint brushes with ink into water to create patterns and then place a paper on top of it to absorbe the colour. I was so fascinated I had to try it myself. Here are the results:

Of course, I don't have the original ink that's used for this, so I had to make due with watercolours (regular blue and black ink didn't work at all). Red and yellow definitely worked best while blue was extremely difficult - no idea why.
But it was a lot of fun sitting in front of that large water bowl with my paint brushes. I shall try it again some time soon. :)

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  1. Oh, that looks really great! Very interesting technique, I have to try this too one day =)