41. Feather Star

Another beautiful day and another beautiful hiking trip with a lot of sunshine (though it's getting really cold now). Somewhere along the hillsides of the 'Hausberg' we found a bunch of beautiful feathers - sadly, it looked like some bird had suffered rather a lot...
I gathered the larger feathers and made a star out of them when I was back home (too windy outside):

In loving memory of the bird.

I have not yet been able to determine what kind of bird these feathers are from. Possibly a Jay (the Eurasian kind), and possibly a young one. But suggestions are welcome! :)


  1. Oh, that looks so beautiful, especially with that white background.
    I would have guessed that they are from a magpie. But only because they're black and white...

  2. Yes, I keep thinking magpie, too. But these are so small! And somewhat oddly shaped...
    Maybe, it was an alien bird from a far away star...^^