52. String Figure Stars

Alright, today's stars are something of a substitute for the star on which I spent a lot more time this afternoon but which I cannot yet present due to lack of recording equipment. So, yes, they may be substitutes, but to make up for that, they are three:

I don't remember where I found the instructions for the first one... The second one can be found here, the third one here.

Favourites, anyone? I can't quite decide which one I like best...

And concerning that other star... I will make it my daily project when I manage to record it. :)


  1. Ohh, I had the same idea with flowers =) (but wasn't sure how to find instructions as I didn't know how this technique is called...).

    I like the third one the best. Its shape is beautiful and it's not only a star but also a heart =) But the other ones are pretty too.

  2. Yay, Fadenspiele! *freu*

    You know, you could add the "starry sky" that's in our old book! It does'nt really look like stars, it'd be just for nostalgia's sake ;]
    If you want, I can scan the instructions and send them to you...

    Apropos recording: You already have my respect for taking those pictures! Can't have been easy, I wouldn't know how to do it :]

    But now I'm really curios what the next star's going to be! Sounds awesome!!

    BTW, I can't really decide, which star I like most.
    The first one is definitely the most Fadenspiel-ish and the second one the most starry, but the third one is cute! XD
    I guess I just love them all!

  3. Haha, I only saw the heart shape on number three when I looked at the picture. It's not exactly visible from behind one's own hands - interesting surprise! :)

    Yeah, I remembered the starry sky from our old book. I think I found the instruction somewhere online but it really didn't look much like stars...
    To take those pictures, I just played around with the self-timer a few times - it's not that difficult.^^

    Ah, and concerning the recording: That will take a while - that's 'a long while', probably... sorry.

  4. Wowww~Hast du alle selbst ausgedacht? Die sind echt schön! Die zweite Idee gefällt mir am Besten!!!

  5. Nein, selbst ausgedacht habe ich sie leider nicht. (Ich hatte es mal probiert, hat aber nicht geklappt...) Ich hab Anleitungen dafür gefunden.^^

  6. Coool, sowas haben wir in der Grundschule immer gemacht =)