The Project

To create a star, every day, for one year.

When I say 'star', I mean those objects that can sometimes be observed by night...  those pinpoint lights that are really unimaginably huge giants in space... those myriads of lanterns that surround us from all sides.

Ideas of a year-long challenge have been in and out of my head for a while now. Lately, I have felt a great urge to be creative in some way, but no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work for me. In times like that, at some point, my brain always discovers the emergency switch - and once more, like so many times before, the idea surfaced to start a long-time project. (To tell the truth, I was not very enthusiastic about it, then.)

I spent some time pondering different subjects for this project, many of them sounding quite fancy. I liked the subjects as such, but they didn't exactly trigger creativity.
Then I thought of stars. And I thought what a boring, predictable subject that was. - Until my brain suddenly started working on ist own accord and bombarded me with ideas, keeping me awake until 3 in the morning.
For some reason, those stars got me really excited and I was completely taken.
I am not going to ask why.
I simply accepted the challenge.

I have no idea how this project will turn out eventually, but I am curious to find out. Possibly, the concept of 'creating a star' will be quite stressed at times - that's alright with me.
I'll let myself surprise me.

For those who stumble upon this page: Feel free to look around and to leave comments - in whatever language. And let me know if you are (or intend to embark) on a similar journey!


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  1. I absolutely love what you have created! Currently waiting for my idea to take shape, then I will do the 365 day challenge.