37. Liszályis

Wow, this one is special to me (though probably not very much to others, so I don't blame anyone for ignoring this ;) ) - and it came as quite a surprise.

Some friends and I had been playing a quite interesting game today where we were supposed to make up and tell a fairy tale together. Needless to say, I just love creating stories - and then I remembered, that the biggest story I have ever worked on, one I'm still working on and probably will be for the rest of my life (which I don't mind at all, by the way), the story that has become so much more than a story over the past 12 years, that has become an entire world...That story is basically set in a world which is shaped like a star.
I haven't worked on it in months (if not years), but some parts of it are always around, so today it was the shape of the land that suddenly popped up in my mind and I decided to make it the next star:

One could say that there're six different continents with water between and around them. They each have their own symbol (the one of the inner circle is, well, a circle) - and that is the farthest I'll go with describing it, otherwise I won't stop for hours.
I had never before drawn the entire land like this - when I originally invented it, there were only four outer continents until I decided that four was too much symmetry for me to bear. This is also the first time I definitely decided on the shapes of the symbols. (The colours are not yet certain, though.)
At first, I wasn't very happy with the outer continents being this pointy, but it's the only way they will fit around the circle if I don't want them to be tiny. So, I think I'm coming to terms with this version.

I cannot even begin to describe how good it feel to have this complete! As I said: special one for me. :)

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  1. And a special one for me, too, though not nearly as much, of course...
    Ach ja, Liszalien... what memories!I still have Khajive in my playlist somewhere and I still have no idea how to spell it correctly XD
    If you ever get back in the mood and we happen to be in the same city, you have to tell me all the latest developments, I guess I lost track a while ago.

    Still love it and the star looks great!