268. "Game-of-Life" Star

Today, I played the "Game of Life" (which sounds like a particularly bad joke to me, but this one didn't turn out all that bad). I had never heard of it before and, honestly, it's not a very exciting game, but you can watch some interesting shapes evolve, following certain rules which are explained on the website.

This was my starting pattern:

And here is a little selection of some that followed:

That's when it stopped - the last two patterns kept repeating themselves as the rules didn't allow anything else to appear.

I had no idea what would happen, but it looks like my large star eventually created four smaller ones. How cool is that! :D


267. Hair Star

One of my very early ideas was to create a hairstlye that would look like a star. So far, I haven't had any fantastic ideas how to actually do it (there seems to be just too much of my hair), but here's a first attempt to at least make a star out of my hair:

As it is, it won't last for 15 minutes if I lift my head, but maybe I can work from here...


266. Squared Paper Star - 99 White Spaces

Okay, this truly is no beauty, but here is the star for the occasion "99 stars left to make" (since I didn't manage to make something appropriate for yesterday's 100...):


I didn't exactly find a way to leave 99 white space while making a symmetrical star, so I cheated a little (or: I used maths) and added four half-squares. ;) Together with all the other white spaces they make 99. Mission accomplished.


265. Coffee-Cocoa Star

Looking at the number in the title, I have exactly 100 stars left to make. I wanted to do something special today to honour the occasion, but once again I returned home tired and uncreative... So, here is an attempt for a star I made on my coffee this morning using cocoa powder:

Perhaps I can still get myself to make something special tomorrow...

264. Star Fan

Yesterday, I took a day off from basically everything. So here is another "emergency star" (made already in October(!) - I had completely forgotten about it) which I decided to use as a tribute to Gina's 365 Fans - there's some really cool stuff over there!

I made this at the German Discworld Convention last year - out of crêpe paper, wooden sticks and wire (plus the feathers and golden stars, of course). It's actually working, but it shouldn't be opened and closed too many times...

263. Washing-Up Brush Star

Oops, late with my posts again...
While I was sitting at the fire outside a little bar in the park two nights ago with a friend, a group of women came by celebrating hen night and selling lots of crazy stuff. My friend and I had mercy with the poor Sailor Moon girl and each bought a self-made lottery ticket. That's how my friend won a dishwasher! (That is to say: she got a washing-up brush...) Looking at it, I thought I could rather easily cut a star out of those bristles. So, when I got home, I took my old brush and began cutting...

It was a bit of a mess: The bristles flew everywhere. But eventually, I got this:


262. Lilac Towel Star

Happy Towel Day everyone! :D

How very fitting that some of my towels are not just purple but 'lilac', which makes this not only a tribute to Douglas Adams but also to the People's Revolution of the Glorious Twenty-Fifth of May - as indicated by the little lilac flower (plastic, sadly, since the real ones are long since withered...)


261. Soaked Woodruff Star

However ugly this looks, it makes for a delicious syrup.

This little mess is woodruff that has been stuffed into a tea bag and soaked in sugared water for about 24 hours. I fell pretty much the same.


260. Green Paper Strip Star

Running out of time once more... I had this already folded strip of paper lying around, so I folded it a bit more and got this:

Well, at least the colour is appropriate - I had a rather green day today.


259. Travel Collage Star

Our trip is over and I used bits of the remaining tickets, brochures and the likes for a little collage:


257. Sandwich Biscuit Star

You know how there are different ways to eat a sandwich biscuit? Well, I just discovered that my typical way tends to create a star-like shape...

The picture is still on my friends phone, I'll post it later. For now, you may try to figure out what I did, shouldn't be too hard. ;)

Update: Almost forgot about the picture...



256.Rape Flower Star

Second stop on our Tour d'Allemagne and a trip to the meadows on the Rhine. On the way back, we picked some flowers and I arranged some on the path:

I keep thinking it would have been better to place the heads in the centre... But, well, that's the way it is now.


255. Cantuccini Star

Again, late at night I remembered and used what I had in front of me right then:


254. Cake Glaze Star

Second day of my trip with friends through the southern and western part of Germany. It was already late in the evening when I remembered there was still a star to make... This cake was the first material at hand:

This little guy was a bit more complicated than I had thought it would be... But it's recognisable, therefore it counts. :)


253. Mini Star Cupcakes

This morning, I found a little time to use my new cupcake moulds:

Unfortunately, I had neither time nor ingredients for a proper frosting - but that would make transportation a little complicated anyway.

I'll be on the road now for a few days (almost a proper road trip^^), so no idea when or if I'll find a way to post new stars - but as usual: they will be made. :)

252. Plasticine Star

I made this little fellow out of children's plasticine late last night when I got home:

Possibly a preparation for another bigger project - but I don't really know how to do it, yet.


251. Mini Star Desert

I can't believe it: I finally found star-shaped cupcake moulds!

Due to a lack of time for baking and a lack of creativity to think of something else, I simply filled one with a quark-apple-cinnamon desert:


250. LEAP #7: Glue-and-Dust Star

Oops. Look at that: this is number 250... I had completely forgotten about it. So, nothing special for this one:

Another Limited Edition Art Piece: paint the square black, apply glue in shape of star, spread dust over it (soapstone remains...), let dry a bit, blow off dust --> finished.


249. Star Pieces of Geocaching

My sister and I went on a tour through town hunting geocaches. Here are the most important things we used today (except for the little metal tag, I found that in a bed of flowers and decided to cleen up a little and keep it.):


248. DVD Star

I'm staying with my wonderful sister for the weekend and as she recently got hooked on Doctor Who as well, we watched another episode before we went to bed. Here's a little star to finally honour this fantastic TV show:

247. Mute Star

All I really wanted tonight was for the world to be quiet.

I had completely forgotten to make a star today - but when I couldn't sleep I remembered an old idea on silence:


246. Soapstone Star

Finally. :)
This afternoon, when I needed to get rid of my thoughts and just focus on something simple, I took up the little soapstone and my files again to finish what I had started several days ago:

It is quite small (only 4 cm diameter) and fits into my palm perfectly. What I enjoy most about it is the fact that one side feels as smooth as polished marble while the other one is quite rough.

245. Walpurgis Fire Star

I admit that I made no star yesterday - batteries completely empty - which made me use up the last emergency star I had. One and a half weeks ago, on the 30th of April, I went to a Walpurgis night celebration with two of my friends. There was a beautiful (and comfortably warm) fire, and we had enough hands between the three of us to make this star:

I had already made a different star that day, but I like the way the fire looks here so much that a part of me feels truly glad I had to use it now... :)


244. Rubik's Cube Star

Wow! I did! it! I solved it! Twice already! AND I figured out how to make a star appear on one side:


As the little nerd in disguise that I am, I knew I wouldn't be able to resist this challenge forever... So, today is the day I finally sat down and learned how to solve Rubik's Cube. No, I did NOT figure it out myself! I followed instructions - but I'm so close to not needing them anymore... ;)

To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to dedicate a star to this wonderful little puzzle - well, it's a bit of a stretch, but one can interpret the above picture as "white star against blue sky".^^


242. Blown Stone Dust Star

What a strange title...
Anyway, I started working with soapstone today and here's what the dust looks like so far - partly blown away with a straw:


241. Dreamcatcher Star

I admit that I am surprised at how well this turned out eventually: It really does look like a star-shaped dreamcatcher!

(No, the picture isn't blurry, it's the web's shadow, unfortunately...)

I had learnt how to make dreamcatchers (the round kind) some 10 years ago, and now thought it couldn't be that difficult to weave such a web into a star-shaped wire frame... Well, this is the work of the past three days and, honestly, it looked rather awful most of the time so that -again and again- I was about to give up. But  for want of better alternatives I just kept going round and round and round and round... When fixing the final bead in the middle, I realised that it might not look that bad after all. By now, I think I like it.^^


240. Bike Bell Star

This is number four and I really hope it's going to last!

My first bell was broken after the bike had been shoved around and fallen over so many times outside various university buildings. The second one was a gift from a friend but only a few weeks later, somebody twisted off the beautiful lid and stole it! The third one was a gift from my mum - a very old one, very loud, and very recently painted with very beautiful stars - but the slightest bumb in the road would make it ring and I found no way to fix this, so it kept scaring people for no reason.

Now! Today, I bought another very simple black bell of which the lid cannot be twisted off - and I painted a star on it:

239. Chopsticks Star

Tonight, a friend invited us over for a delicious Chinese dinner (the original kind, mind you, since she is from Beijing^^). As I forgot to make a star while I was there, I had to reproduce a bit of the scenery back home:


238. Daisy Chain Star

I spent a lovely free day with friends in the park having barbecue, fairy tales, music, juggling, and generally loads of fun. That was where I made this daisy chain and tried to arrange it in shape of a star (on the back of my guitar):

I should have made it longer, I suppose, but the sun was too hot for such labourious work... ;)