30. Tangram Star

Alright, this is the third time I went for my tangram puzzle:

1st attempt: I realised there was no star figure in any of the tangram books I own. I searched online but discovered nothing there, either. So, I went for a different star that day.

2nd attempt: I felt challenged and the day after the first attempt I wanted to figure it out myself - only to realise that given those two large triangles it seems nearly impossible to create a decent star out of those pieces.

3rd attempt: Weeks later, I saw the tangram idea on my list again and promptly decided to change the rules (thinking outside the box and all, you know): In this tangram puzzle the pieces are allowed to overlap - et voilà:

STOP HERE - in case you want to try this yourself (it's not that hard). One of the possible solutions is shown below. ;)

 Here you go:

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