32. Rubber Stamp Star

The things you find when tidying up...

I haven't got many rubber stamps (I never want to buy any because I'm convinced they'll get boring quite soon since they're always the same...), but today I rediscovered my favourite one on the outside of my bathroom window sill (don't ask...). I hadn't even missed it until now. So, I took the chance to use it for another quick star, because I'm about to head off to the next train - again - because I'm about to spend another weekend with wonderful people - again - and so, once again, I might not be able to get online for a couple of days and will probably have to post the stars later.

Until then, here's my purple favourite rubber stamp star:


  1. Sehr schöner Stern! Mir gefällt besonders, dass manche Zacken unterschiedliche Farbtöne haben.