85. Fröbelstern

Fröbelsterne - so called after their creator Friedrich Fröbel - are also known as 'German Stars' and are something like a must-do if you commit to making Christmas stars. I vaguely remember having made one or two many (many!) years ago, so it's high time to pick up some paper strips again. :)

Originally, I had intended to make a mobile out of several of them, but after having completed two, I've quite had my fill. This is an example where 'just any ordinary paper' will not do. First of all, cutting your own paper strips will most definitely not work (if you don't have a cutting machine) because they need to be perfectly straight and all of the exact same width. Secondly, the paper is far too soft and some strips may not be stiff enough in the end to slide beneath others yet again. (Gift ribbon would be a great material for this but I don't have any at the moment.)

As of that as well as a lack of energy (Tuesday again... ;)) I'm not posting the how-to here, but there are tons of instructions floating about the web, including videos - should be easy to find in case someone wants to take on this challenge.^^

P.S.: The are two-sided:

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  1. these are pretty! i like that they have two sides :)