66. Martinmas Star

In most parts of Germany there is a traditional kind of sweet bread that is eaten on St. Martin's Day - and on St. Nicholas Day... or on other feast days... The shape of said bread differs depending on the place and the occasion. Where I come from originally, it was shaped as pretzels (large ones!), but very often they have the shape of a person - with two raisins as eyes and a white pipe made of clay. Where I live now, this tradition seems to be entirely unknown. So we had to bake our own: Little men (and women!), pretzels, croissants, ghosts, a tadpole, a flower, and a star:

before baking

fresh out of the oven

After having eaten rather a lot of this bread, we had our own little procession with lanterns and torches into the forest (and into a rather thick fog up on the hills). I have to say it was a fantastic idea and I had so much fun! (...feeling like a child and just as excited most of the time.^^)

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  1. oooooooohhhhh, ittissoooocuuuuute!!!! *squeals*
    It looks so pretty and delicious and soooo ooooohhhhhhweeeeeeeeehhhh! *squeals again*

    Well, that star looks great, like an actual sun! XD I never would have been able to bring myself to eat something soooo cute ;]

    Well anyway, it's nice to see you guys getting into the spirit of the holiday! You have to give me the recipe at some point :]