74. Purse With Star (Side 1)

A day of very tedious work for university is over. Every now and then I took a break to work on a little purse made out of a pair of old trousers that had shrunk badly when washed too hot. (The original plan was to mend some clothes, but the purse was just so much more interesting...) It has two sides and the flap on one side is already decorated with a star:

Oh my, I really had no idea how difficult it is to cut a star out of cloth! At least at this small size... So, not very fancy. Maybe I'll find something better for the other side. (That one isn't finished yet. I need a black elastic band to fasten the flap there - which I don't have. I might finish it tomorrow, or that day after that - or after that...)

P.S.: The clothes are mended, too. :)


  1. Ohh, that's really beautiful! I like very much that the stripes of the star go in another direction than the stripes of the rest of the purse.

  2. Haha, yes! To align the stripes would have been too much symmetry for my eyes. ;)