77. Arwen's Evenstar

I have once more come to a star that does not really look like one. But it's called one - and this sketch of it is dedicated to my Sis who has recently brightened my days in many different ways:

We both share a great love for 'The Lord of the Rings' and basically everything that's Tolkien. I know she likes Arwen's necklace which is often referred to as 'Evenstar' (nevermind that it's a product of the films, not of the book^^). It proved more difficult to sketch than I thought, as it is practically just 'shiny' and hardly anything else... I might try a larger, more detailed drawing at some point.
(Background is darkened on the computer.)

For the record: Arwen does have a certain necklace with a white stone in the book, but that one appears only after the war is over and is being given to Frodo to protect him from the darkness should his injury trouble him.


  1. My kids would love this! They both asked for a 'replica' necklace for Christmas.
    Looks great!

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  3. Thank you, Sis, for this amazing star.
    What can I say but: Right back at you!
    My big SiStar XDDD (almost eas bad as the Haaaarsi-pun XD)

    And once again you got me to sit down with my "Elbisch" book and ponder wordformation in Sindarin! I really should take that as a sign that it's high time to get involved in the languages again. I've been wanting to do that for MONTHS if not more!
    Thank you so much, Sis, for the dedication and the great project on Friday (Mum's the word ;]) and just everything!

    Lots of love

    P.S.: Could I maybe get that picture as a jpeg? Do you even have that as a jpeg?

  4. Thank you guys! :)
    Sis, one day you're going to kill me with your puns... ;D