72. Pomegranate

A pomegranate is the perfect November fruit to me:
  • First of all, winter is its high season (at least in the northern hemisphere as I just found out).
  • The quite alarming red colour really is a relief for eyes that watch the world outside turn mostly grey.
  • It contains rather a lot of vitamin C.
  • It's one of the fruits that (according to some East Asian dietary principles) have warming instead of cooling qualities.
  • It's very bittersweet - and you never know what the next one will taste like until you try it...
I turned one into a star today:

How amazing it was to sink my teeth into this mass of red seeds and find that this is probably the sweetest one I've ever tasted! Thank you, pomegranate, you just made my day. :)

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  1. Mir läuft das Wasser im Mund zusammen!