73. Bright and Dark Side

There's a bright side and a dark side to many things - but to some more than to others...

Today's star was originally planned for the 9th of November, but I didn't find any time then to make it. It's been in my head ever since, and I really wanted to get it down. As today there was nothing else striking my mind I decided to go for it. However, it got late and I've been running out of patience, so it's not as fancy as I had wanted it to be - but that's just life, I suppose... I might come to terms with this rather simple and rough looking version, though. :)

White paper cut and placed on black paper.

The story behind the star:
Living in Germany, the 9th of November is a very ambiguous date. Looking at the history of this country, it has been an important day more than once throughout the 20th century - and it's now remembered with very mixed emotions for it has seen events of brightest joy as well as darkest horror: 1918 - the emperor Wilhelm II abdicates and Germany is proclaimed a republic; 1923 - the "Hitlerputsch" is crushed by police and government forces; 1938 - Kristallnacht, the national pogrom of violent attacks on Jewish citizens continues through the following night; 1989 - the fall of the Berlin Wall.

I've got a feeling that if I think about this too much, my head and heart are both going to burst...


  1. Wow, with this background the star is even more impressing.

    It is amazing how good and bad can be so close that they even seem to converge (in the sense of "ineinanderfließen"). But watched from a distance they can, nevertheless, build something new and beautiful - in the history of a country as well as in the course of a lifetime the good and the bad memories have their meaning and right to exist. Because both are part of the identity.

  2. Wow, love this star! I am finding I love cut paper art. And interesting to learn about Nov 9th in Germany. Many big, life-changing events have happened I did not know about. I am not sure what you were planning, but this star is lovely. I like the combination of the straight lines for the edges of the stars and the curves in the center and the spikes. Wonderful :)

  3. Thank you guys!
    Nice thoughts, Tina, thanks a lot for sharing them. :)