78. "The Adventures of Little Stick-Star"

It's Tuesday again. This day is just too full for my liking. But here's a little story to brighten it up. I had seen this link on several blogs over the past few days and I simply couldn't resist trying it myself - so much fun! I recommend you check out the link first and draw something for yourself - in case you want to - before you look at these pictures so it won't ruin the surprise. ;) It'll only take a few minutes.

Here are "The Adventures of Little Stick-Star":

This is Little Stick-Star:
One lovely day, Little Stick-Star discovered a large box.
But the box was locked, so I had to draw a key for Little Stick-Star:
When the box opened, a ballon came flying out of it, and with it...
So I drew a beautiful, star-shaped balloon for Little Stick-Star, but...
 How strange!
And out of the egg came... a dragon!
The dragon spit fire, and soon the surrounding started to burn.
Little Stick-Star faught bravely with the Flaming Sword against the vicious dragon!
...and was victorious!
A large cloud appeard and it began to rain drops of water in the shape of stars that put out the flames.
But, oh dear! The rain would not stop!
Fortunately, Little Stick-Star had learned to swim. But what was that just beneath the surface?
Little Stick-Star was in dire need for help to escape the approaching sharks, so I drew a drain at the bottom of the sea.
All the junk disappeared and what remaind were the two boxes and some strange letters.
From the rain cloud there came a lightnig that hit the balloon...
...and sent the box falling to the ground where it burst open.
That's how Little Stick-Star discovered one of the great secrets of life:


  1. I had so much fun doing this! Thank you for sharing the link =)

  2. This is just hilarious!
    I especially liked your story, you should write children's books! (Wow, my comments have many exclamation marks today -.-)

    Anyway, I am tempted to try drawing a little stick hippo, but I would probably fail and be depressed XD
    Thanks for the link, though, it was great fun!

  3. You're very welcome.^^ I'm glad you're all having fun!

  4. It's a really interesting game! And I haven't played it for lang time ;-)

  5. Your star is adorable!