84. Twisted-Paper Star

Mum just reminded me that when we were kids we had the same philosophy of decorating during Advent season that I'm having now: every day just a little bit more. That's what it's about, isn't it? Waiting, for something that is slowly drawing near - not 'everything at once and as much as possible!' 
So, tonight, I put up the first Advent star on my wall! :)

I had to use a flash for the picture so the three-dimensional character does not quite show. But you can always find out by making one yourself for Christmas decoration purposes (or any other...):

Take 6 square sheets of paper (avarage printing paper works fine). Start with one square and fold it diagonally, then fold the triangle in the middle:
Make four cuts from the partly open bottom side to the central fold but not all the way through. Then open the paper flat again:
Roll the two innermost strips (in this case the triangles) upwards and glue them together. Then repeat with the next two but to the other side:
Continue like that with all strips - and the first spike of the star is finished:
Repeat with the five other squares. Then glue two times three of them together - at the tip and the sides - to get the two halves of the final star (I forgot to take a picture, so here the two halves are already partly glued to each other):
When glueing the tow halves together it might be easier to start with the tips - I thought about that a little too late. But it worked like this as well.^^

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