79. Wrapping Paper Sculpture Star

Another long day - and I'm lacking energy in so many ways. 
What cheered my up was a little surprise parcel I received from my parents with some ingredients for a beautiful Advent season, and I used the colourful and somewhat stiff wrapping paper to make a kind of star sculpture:


  1. Yay, I just sent my essay off to my lector, now I have time to admire your artwork!
    ...which looks particularly beautiful today! It almost looks like origami. Did you come up with the pattern yourself?
    Anyway, it's really pretty!

  2. Congratulations! :D
    Well, I folded and squashed the paper rather brutally for some 10 minutes and this was the result... ;)

  3. Oh, my mother never sends me parcels, unless I ask her to send me something important I need... =(