63. Bascetta Lantern

I did it!! My very first Bascetta star! :D

And it's glowing!

The actual star was made 2 days ago, but today it is complete with stick and a light attached to it. I'm going to use it on Thursday for our own little Martinmas procession.

I used ordinary coloured printing paper (cut into squares of 21x21cm resulting in a star of approx. 35cm in diameter), but to give it a better shining quality I took the time to oil it - all of the 30 sheets... What was I thinking? Well, obviously not very much. I hadn't even thought about how or where I would dry them...

But what an amazement it was when it all finally worked and the star almost assembled itself! I really was somewhat proud. :)

P.S.: TWENTY spikes! This is a record on this project!^^


  1. Ahahaaaa, I LOVE this picture of your whole appartment filled with oiled papers :D

    The lantern looks really beautiful! I can't wait to see it in real-life on thursday!

  2. Wow! That's impressive! :)