76. Purse With Stars (Side 2)

Okay, it's finished. (No, shops still are closed on Sundays in Germany, but I decided to paint a piece of my white elastic band black...^^)

To be honest, I'm not too happy with this whole thing... It's harder than I thought to make a purse that you can stuff a lot of things into but that still doesn't look completely out of shape when rather empty and flat. Plus, the large purple star turned out to look more like a flower - which isn't a bad thing per se but then I had to think of some other way to put a star on there. So I stitched the five smaller ones... well... let's just say, they're not very exciting. Finally, I intended to secure the edges of the cut ribbon by fusing them slightly with a candle - but I wasn't careful enough and one of the points was suddenly quite a bit shorter. :( (Not on the picture - I took it before this happened.)

Oh, well, whatever... One more new experience. Lucky for me I haven't set my heart on a carreer as tailor or purse designer. ;D

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