1. How To...

How to start a blog:
I never thought I would become a blogger… seriously. But sometimes, things just happen, an idea just happens, and things change.
This blog has a purpose - not the purpose to host my daily thoughts and feelings and struggles and triumphs: I have plenty of crazy journals for that. It serves the sole purpose to help me through this one year challenge.
Then again, it will most likely contain my daily thoughts and feelings and struggles and triumphs - only that they will all be connected to those stars…

How to make a five-pointed star:
A very first and very basic approach to stars and one method of construction. Yes, I do like structure. I now have one year to loosen that up. :)

The magic number is 72° - I'd do well to remember that.

P.S.: No, I'm not into pentagrams and the likes - only prefere asymmetric stars.

P.P.S.: To a year full of stars! Cheers!

1 comment:

  1. Yay, I'm first! XD
    That just had to be said...

    As the first official comment...ator (?) I wish you all the best with your project. A star a day, it already sounds amazing and you haven't even started properly.

    I really feel, like I should say something fancy, but I guess I'll just stick with: The extent of your creativity never fails to amaze me and I am really looking forward to this new project, especially because I can actually see the your progress participate (by commenting at least) although I'm several hundred kilometers away. Yay to you! ;]

    I really like today's sketch, I always take forever to figure out angles and stuff like that, so thanks for the 72°! I WILL remeber that ;]
    and I love the portrait! XD

    Okay, that's it from me, I'll leave other comment... argh!! The other people who want to write comments something to say.
    I'm already looking forward to tomorrows installment!

    Cheers and good night!


    P.S.: "even my soul has taken on a shade of purple by now"
    And the award for best (and truest) self-description goes to...