17. Blueberry Pie

This is a dream come true! I made my very first, very own Blueberry Pie! :)
And, of course, I took the opportunity to make another star:

Of course, living in Germany, I don't have a proper pie pan (they're extremely rare here), but the tart pan didn't do a bad job either. This was the recipe I used.
It tasted sooo good! (Warm blueberries - almost as delicious as hot chocolate, and that's coming from a true chocoholic!) My mum and I already ate half of it - with vanilla ice cream... a dream!


  1. Ohhh my god, this looks soo delicious! And I'm doing this silly diet, only spelt and vegetables and fruit and only eating three times a day. Three times! I'm hungry all the time =( I know it's healthy, but I need sugar! I hope time will pass quickly and I will survive it...

  2. And my second comment for tonight ;]
    I just HAD to say something to both of these!

    You know, since I finished my last comment with a reference to next weekend, guess what I'm thinking of, when I look at that pie XD I HAVE to read that book before the convention, Thoreau or no Thoreau!

    But this really looks brilliant, like a proper pie XD Somehow I didn't think that a normal person could actually make a pie, that they only proto-existed in this imaginary world of British books and American TV-shows... Rather stupid, when you think about it, but I really couldn't imagine someone I KNOW making an actual PIE!
    I'm really impressed right now! And sad I can't see it first hand -.- But the day will come, when you will make another pie and I will be there to witness it (even if I won't eat it ;] )

    Right, now I have to go to bed, the tutorial awaits me tomorrow! Yay *coughs*


    P.S.: I just put the chestnut star on my nightstand... God, I miss you already! Why can't you just come back and stay here, until the semester starts? *sniffs*
    Oh well, at least we'll see each other often enough over the next few... months... XD

  3. P.P.S.: My comment is longer than your blog-entry... what does that tell us? XDDD

  4. PIE!!! How you Germans have libed without it for so long I just don't know!!! :)