8. Chartres Labyrinth Star

I had tried different ways of creating a labyrinth-shaped star over the past few days (labyrinth, mind you, not maze!), now it's finished. Eventually, I settled for a six-pointed star and the original Chartres concept of a labyrinth, and - wow! - does this look confusing!

Already the round version appears rather complex but this is just madness. It's barely recognisable as a labyrinth. But the path is correct. I went through it several times to make sure it works, and it does.

It was quite interesting how throughout the process of drawing this, the rhythm of the structure became more and more apparent - after it had felt like a complete mess at the beginning.

P.S.: This one is dedicated to my mum who made labyrinths a part of her art and gives people an understanding of how labyrinths can be more than just a kind of rhythmical, mathmatical structure that is interesting to look at...


  1. Wow! Da ist großartig!
    Ich stell mir gerade vor, der Stern ist als begehbares Mosaik in den Boden eingelassen... Eine echte Herausforderung!

    Danke, Lena!


  2. Dear Lena,

    Love what you have done and would like to discuss a future project with you regarding designing a shorter six-pointed star labyrinth. If you get this, please email me at mklaven@isjl.org.

    Thank you,