7. Glowing in the Dark

Wow! What a long day! (Plus, my train back home had to take a detour and drop me off at the wrong station - my bike being on the other side of town - which is why it took me twice as long as planned to get home...)
Since I have to get up quite early tomorrow (my bike still being on the other side of town so that I'll have to take the tram to the station...) that leaves me only a little time for a really quick star, but that doesn't make it any less interesting. I have never tried the long time exposure function of my camera before - until now. And this is the result (2nd try):

Wonderful effect! I shall play around with it some more in the future. :)


  1. Okay, this is one of the coolest things I've seen in quite a while!
    I always wanted to know if you can actually do these things yourself, they always look so fancy, like you need a really good camera to make it look any good, but yours is just cool XD
    I have to try that too, sometime :]

    I especially like the lower... ahm... left corner, where it looks almost like... [can't find proper analogy in English] torn fabric? maybe?
    Anyway, it looks pretty awesome!

  2. PAINT! Hah!
    It looks like drawing with a really broad brush that runs out of paint near the end! I had no idea, light could do that. I guess I figured, it would get blurry or something (I hardly know any pictures with light-effects from one of our cameras except for the typical "trying to photograph a monster in Movie"-pictures, which are ALWAYS blurry XD).
    Right, I've manipulated your "comments"-statistic enough, sorry for the confusion of two seperate entries ;]

    Have a good starry night!!