22. Free-Floating Pendant

Oh dear... Today was quite frustrating. Things didn't work out the way I'd planned and by the time I realised it, it was already getting late... It took about ten minutes for me to drift from rather high spirits into an awful mood. All of a sudden, this whole project felt quite stupid and useless and I felt like a fool (I think I was mostly annoyed with myself for being frustrated instead of having fun) for the first time since I had started.
Well, I suppose I had better get used to it. This won't have been the last time...
Luckily, I had acquired some beautiful beads yesterday and was really looking forward to making a star pendant out of them. So that's what I did.

For now, this really reconciled me with the project, with this evening in particular and with stars in general. :) I had been worried that working with beads would be awfully difficult but with this one I got an easy start. Thanks to Christiane for the instructions, and thanks to Catrin for the help with choosing the beads and colours!

Something else I'm quite happy with is the nylon thread that makes it look like the star is floating freely just beneath my collar bones. :)

P.S.: That other plan I had is not dead yet...!

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  1. Oh, that's really beautiful!! Maybe you can give me the instruction? I'd love to make earrings out of it =)