6. Flourishes

What a beautiful way to start the day!
When I woke up far too early this morning - again - after having had trouble falling asleep last night - again - I set to work on a new design, in between preparations for a presentation next week. I had always liked the idea of an ornate star made of swirls and flourishes, but I didn't feel very comfortable creating a design that I would like.
Browsing the internet for a little inspiration and a rough idea what such patterns could look like, I tried out a few designs on the individual points of one star. In the end, my favourite was very clear, and I admit that I traced the chosen pattern onto a new star instead of trying to draw it five times over in the exact same way. :)
I also admit that I like the result very much:

P.S.: Did I mention that I really don't like not having a scanner?

P.P.S.:  18:30
This turned out to be a real star-day! I went on a hiking trip with two friends (hi, Romi & Feli!^^) and up in the mountains we came across a place called 'star' due to the six straight paths meeting there. So, basically, I walked on a star today! :D

Later, we discovered the observatory a short way away, which was open and offering visitors the opportunity to observe the one star that was visible at 3 in the afternoon: the sun. Ah! all the information and interesting stories we got to hear! I really need to start some research - I've forgotten so much over the years!

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