2. The Book of Stars

Number 2 is finished!

Wow, that was quite a bit of work. Preparations had already been made last night. (Amazing, the things you can do when sleep defies you! And this is way more fun than sorting socks or writing papers for university. ;D)

So, here is my little Book of Stars:

It's actually not quite that little: 20 cm in diameter. And this is what it looks like on the inside:

20 sheets of coloured paper + 2 white ones. Finally, I could put my large stack of coloured paper to some use!

My favourite piece about this book is the little red button. The idea occured to me only when the book was already finished, and the second I saw this button I knew it was the last missing detail. Love it!

So, now I've got a special place to try out some sketches and jot down ideas for this challenge. Always a good thing to have. Until it's filled up I might think of something else for the next one. :)

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