145. Snow Cake Star

Unbelievable: We finally got the first real snow this winter! So I had to abandon my studies and go out for a bit.

I went up my favourite mountain - well, depending on what you are used to it could be called 'mountain' or 'hill', but where I live people call it a mountain. I was a little late so the light started to fade before I reached the top; and though I had already made it down this mountain in the dark before, I didn't want to try it again with a ground slippery from snow and (just-about-to-become-ice-)mud. Fortunately, I passed by this beautiful spot just below the top and was amazed to find it still barely touched.

(It's usually a really nice viewpoint but today there wasn't much to be viewed as the air was thick with grey mist.)

I used the snow on the stone table to make a star (almost killing my fingers in the process):

Here's how passers-by might see it from the path just above that viewpoint:

Only then did I realise that it looked very much like a cake - a Snow Cake (beautiful film, by the way). I didn't eat it, though - found myself some other snow to eat.^^

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