126. Music Monday #1

I've long since been planning to insert a little music star project into this project. There are plenty of songs about or at least mentioning 'stars' one way or another - so I'm going to fill Mondays with music related stars now. Here is the first one - and it simply had to be the first because this song was stuck in my head during the first weeks of my Year of Stars: Whenever I thought 'star' this song would start playing in my mind; no way to stop it.

I thought I might make those Music Mondays a little quiz (although the first one is quite obvious - at least for those who know the song^^). So, who can give me artist and title of this song:

Colouring will have to wait. Long day, it's late and I really need to catch up on some quality sleep. (By the time I colour this in I might even have a scanner and thus get a proper picture of it! :D)


  1. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW!!!! *jumps up and down*
    Artist: The Artist Most Commonly Known As Prince (Was he Prince at that point?)
    Title:... Well "Baby I'm a Star", isn't it?

    Thanks for that, btw., know I'm listening to good music again! *schwabbels*

    And that's an awesome picture! Did you draw it yourself?

    Anyway, I'm looking forward to many more Music Mondays, although the chances of me recognizing any other song are slim ;]

    Great idea, keep it up!!
    Love, Lili

  2. I knew it would be Prince :)

  3. *ding ding ding ding* correct! (Yes, he was Prince at that time.^^)
    Thank you! I did draw it myself.
    And Mel, you just know me too well! ;)

  4. Musik Monday klingt groooßartig! Da freu ich mich drauf :)
    Musik ist eben doch meine große Liebe <3

    Und Prince hab ich sogar auch erkannt, obwohl mir der Titel nichts sagte. Super Zeichnung!