127. Left-Handedly Ripped Paper Star

Very simple cause I'm very tired:

But I tried to make it at least a tiny bit of a challenge and used my left hand to make this (it's not exactly easy to rip a star out of paper using only one hand, so yes, I did use both... you know what I mean...) - which can be considered challenging because I'm normally quite right-handed (even though I like practicing the use of my left hand. ... I feel like I wrote this here before, very recently... Can't remember... Probably my brain really is tired. OK, I'm going to shut up now.^^)

P.S.: That paper is a note I found in my letter box this evening, telling me that a package had been delivered for me at my neighbours'. So - yay! - I've finally got a new printer/scanner! That's why the paper had to be honoured. :)

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