140. Music Monday #3

Still raining - inside and outside.
I found a very appropriate music project for this situation. This one is a little harder to figure out, I suppose (unless, of course, one knows the song well^^). But it's also one I had on my mind a lot during the first weeks of my year of stars (though it wasn't raining, then).

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  1. Well, the song is already quite a few years old... Perhaps it really is less well-known than I thought.
    Clue number one was the "raining".
    Clue number two the fact that there a "tear's from a star"('s eyes).
    The line of the chorus this is referring to is

    "On and on the rain will fall
    like tears from a star, like tears from a star."

    Got it yet?^^

    If not:
    The artist is Sting.
    The title is "Fragile". :)