119. "Sterntaler"

Today's star is one I had thought of very early on in this project. I had not made it until now because, 1. I needed to get to my parents' place for that, and 2. it somehow is a winter star since it is related to a winter fairy tale: the Grimm Brothers' 'The Star Money':

For those unfamiliar with the Eurpoean currency: This is not an actual Euro coin! :D It's an old collector's coin from my Grandfather's coin collection. While the Euro was implemented in 2002 this coin was apparently minted in 1997... Anyway, it was large and silver (and out of one piece instead of two), and thus ideal for my plan.
I used some of my mother's old goldsmith tools and my father's advice to saw a star out of the coin. Surprisingly, it took less than an hour - template, sawing, filing, taking pictures and all.

This was the frontside before I destroyed it:

I forgot to take a picture of the backside but it showed the beginning of the German national anthem.

I'm a little astonished and really glad it worked seeing that I had serious doubts when the idea first occured to me. I'll keep it in my wallet now. :)

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