128. Multilingual Star

I've long since wanted to make a calligram. Now, here it is:

My lesson for today: Talk, talk, talk! Just talk to people.

I might add a list of the corresponding languages, soon. But it will require many different fonts - that's just too much for now.

Update 2012-01-12:
These are the languages (from top to bottom, left to right - mostly):

Stern – German
כוכב – Hebrew (read right to left! pronunciation: kochav)
csillag – Hungarian
tähti – Finnish
gwiazda – Polish
estrella – Spanish
stjärna – Swedish
αστέρι – Greek (pronunciation: asteri)
ster – Afrikaans, Dutch
stea – Romanian
ستاره – Persian/Farsi (Pronunciation required!)
hotohke – Cheyenne
tauraruwar – Hausa (spoken in several African countries)
stella – Latin, Italian
étoile – French
täht - Estonian
ดวงดาว (duang dao) – Thai
star – English
estrela – Portuguese
zvijezda – Bosnian, Croatian
stjarna – Icelandic
Yıldız - Turkish
seren – Welsh
stelo – Esperanto
nyota – Swahili
réalta – Irish/Gaeilge
तारा (tara) – Hindi
bituin – Tagalog/Fillipino
stjerne – Danish, Norwegian
звезда – Russian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Macedonian? (pronunciation: zwezda/swesda)
hvězda – Czech
星 (hoshi) – Japanese
星 (xīng) – Chinese
별(byul) – Korean

If anybody knows the word 'star' in any other language or has a correction to those in here, please just let me know! I'm happy to learn!^^


  1. Total schön geworden!
    Über eine Liste, welche Sprachen du verwendet hast, würde ich mich sehr freuen :)

  2. That looks beautiful!

    I don't know other languages, but I know two other things:

    1. that you could ask Atena for the pronunciation of the persian word

    2. A song by Nysted which came to my mind when looking at the norwegian word for star:

    En stjerne klar, en halvmørk stall var all din ytre kongeprakt, men hyrder kom og vise menn til deg, du barn i Betlehem. Guds fred på jord, Guds Sønn nå bor der stjernen står og lyser.