345. Kunitzer Eierkuchen Star

I missed another day, so I used a star from today as I made several:

Once a year, the little village nearby (which is actually part of the town but every now and then they feel quite independent...) holds a little 'pancake festival'. The women there have a very traditional and very secret way of preparing pancakes, and on this one particular day they will stand in a screened kitchen area outside (so no one may spy on their secret methods) and bake hundreds and hundreds of those for visitors. You order your pancake, you get a number, and you wait for about 2 hours... It's madness really! But they are special, no doubt. They don't look like your ordinary pancake at all, and apparently they are deep-fried... But the insides taste like pancake - with lots and lots of eggs. :D

 There's no way anyone will ever tell me how they are made. But maybe, one day, I'll find a way to recreate them...


  1. Do they have a special name?
    They look very tasty! jummy..

    1. Not that I've heard. Just "Kunitzer Eierkuchen" as Kunitz is the village they come from. This seems to be significant enough for connoisseurs. ;)
      The did taste really good, though.^^