342. Triple-Brocken Star

Today was the first time I've been to the 'Brocken' - the highest peak in Northern Germany and according to many legends the place where the witches use(d) to meet on Walpurgis Night.

My friends and I spent quite some time philosophising about the name ('Brocken' in modern German could be translated as 'boulder') and eventually found our own explanation as we were climbing over hundreds and hundreds of large boulders: the hill's entire surface seemed to consist of 'Brocken', so why not just call the whole thing exactly that? I was quite intrigued by the idea of honouring our ascent by making a star out of tiny 'Brocken' lying on a larger 'Brocken' on The 'Brocken'...

Of course, the real origin of the name - while still being uncertain - has absolutely nothing to do with all those boulders lying around...

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