333. Paper Cranes Star

I have absolutely no idea how many paper cranes I have made in my life so far - I may well be past the thousand… I use to make them out of every kind of paper I can get my hands on, whenever I'm just sitting around somewhere. They also tend to be left where I make them (lecture halls, dinner tables, anterooms, parties, …) They also decorate almost every present I'm giving to someone. All in all I assume that less of my cranes stay with me than don't. Still, I've got a box at home where I collected all those that would turn up in various corners of my room, handbags, pockets, pencil cases, and god knows where. I try to keep track of their number but it only ever works for so long. So, eventually I shall have to count them again - which I just did. These are 409 paper cranes:

… plus/minus two or three - I didn't double-check.

If you like paper cranes - or if you don't just yet but feel like you might - check out this beautiful project!

1 comment:

  1. This is awesome!
    I love that you leave your cranes for others to find and I love even more that you save the ones that you don't leave behind!
    Very cool. :)