335. Star Flags Star

This is one of those ideas I've head very early but never found the patience to work on. Now, that I'm somewhat confined to my couch for a day with a swollen and aching jaw (wisdom teeths removed...) I finally finished collecting all the national flags that contain a star and assembled them into one huge star:

1. I chose a five-pointed star because that is by far the most frequent depicted in all these flags.
2. It's not really visible anymore, but the template in the background was a star-shaped map of the world (similar to this one).
3. They are a total of 69 flags and are of all the countries recognised as independent by the UN / recognised as independent by at leas one member of the UN:

1.      Abkhazia
2.      Algeria
3.      Angola
4.      Australia
5.      Azerbaijan
6.      Bosnia and Herzegovina
7.      Brazil
8.      Burkina Faso
9.      Burundi
10.  Cameroon
11.  Cape Verde
12.  Central African Republic
13.  Chile
14.  Comoros
15.  Cook Islands
16.  Cuba
17.  Democratic Republic of the Congo
18.  Djibouti
19.  Dominica
20.  East Timor
21.  Ethiopia
22.  Federal States of Micronesia
23.  Ghana
24.  Grenada
25.  Guinea-Bissau
26.  Honduras
27.  Israel
28.  Jordan
29.  Kosovo
30.  Liberia
31.  Libya
32.  Malaysia
33.  Marshall Islands
34.  Mauritania
35.  Morocco
36.  Mozambique
37.  Myanmar
38.  Nauru
39.  Nepal
40.  New Zealand
41.  North Korea
42.  Pakistan
43.  Panama
44.  Papua New Guinea
45.  People’s Republic of China
46.  Philippines
47.  Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
48.  Saint Kitts and Nevis
49.  Samoa
50.  Sao Tome and Principe
51.  Senegal
52.  Singapore
53.  Solomon Islands
54.  Somalia
55.  South Sudan
56.  Suriname
57.  Syria
58.  Tajikistan
59.  Togo
60.  Tunisia
61.  Turkey
62.  Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
63.  Turkmenistan
64.  Tuvalu
65.  United States of America
66.  Uzbekistan
67.  Venezuela
68.  Vietnam
69.  Zimbabwe

I also found explanations of the meaning for most of the stars. I may add them to the list at some point...

4. I left out all those flags that show a sun (without an acutal star) - they would be another 15.


  1. I just got my wisdom teeth out, too. I hope it went more smoothly for you than it did for me! This is one of my favorite stars. Especially the idea behind it!


    1. Thank youuu! :D I, too, like this one a lot. I'm so glad I finally took the time to make it!^^

  2. I feel left out, my homeland, the Netherlands, is not there ;-(
    and the land I live now, Germany, isn´t there either...
    Well, you can´t have ´m all ;-)

    1. Haha! I know how you feel - being from Germany myself. ;) Maybe I should move to a country with stars on its flag...