356. Runic Star

Having developed an interest in ancient Germanic culture and language some years ago, I also spent some time learning about different runic alphabets. At least I know the phonemic values of most of the runes. I also know that they had more meaning than simple letters - and that there are innumerable interpretations today on what they might have meant and might mean today. I'm not sure in how far I'm interested in that - it definitely stops with trying to tell the future... Anyway, I did remember some of the meanings and wondered wheather there was one associated with a star…

There was: The rune named thiwaz (most of the time) is associated with the god Tyr as well as the polar star (amongst many other potential meanings). It basically looks like an arrow pointig upwards, and I used it as pattern for a star and eventually carved it into a large wooden stick (which is usually lying on my window sill and serving as windowstopper every now and then):

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