100. 100 Star Pictures

Well, what can I say... I've made it to day number o n e   h u n d r e d !

Ever since I began making stars, I also took pictures of all kinds of stars I simply found in all kinds of places. A few weeks ago, I wondered whether I might make it 100 photos until my 100th day of the project. And, yes, I did. So, here are 100 pictures of 100 stars from all over Germany, discovered while walking through streets, spending time with friends, browsing shops, tidying up, and staring at my cup of tea:

The only condition was that none of them should be connected to a star I had made myself for this project. It was a real challenge to put them all together - and not die of boredom in the meantime... (I do admit that I already began yesterday, assuming (correctly) that it might take a while to do this.) Surprisingly, I had no problems with the size - it all just fit.^^

P.S.: Only 40 of those stars are actually Christmas related. ;)

P.P.S.: I added a new page with my favourites (-> 'My High Lights') as even I start losing track of what I've made so far...^^


  1. Hi du, das erinnert mich an den Bürgersteig in Freemont in Seattle. Dort waren alle möglichen bunten "Kinkerlitzchen" als Mosaik in den Zement eingelassen. Mir gefiel das sehr gut. Erinnerst du dich auch?

  2. Oh, yes! Vielleicht sollte ich mal ein paar Sterne in den ein oder anderen Bürgersteig einlassen - so als Tagesprojekt...? :D

  3. Yay, congratulations to #100! That looks really cool!

  4. Ha! Ich habe meine Kette mit Stern-Anhänger in deinem Bild gefunden>_<!
    Die Mercedes Marke finde ich sehr cool;-)