87. Purple Star Filled with Chocolate

What a mess. My workload just exploded. I spent the past 6 solid hours preparing presentations for university and I'm still far away from the finish line. Time and again I was debating whether I should still make a proper star for decoration purposes today or just resort to some mini project.
But when it's past midnight and you know you're still going to read for two hours or so, honestly, what does it matter? So here's a little 3D-star of two sides glued together, hollow inside - except for a chocolate praline I put inside which is going to be my reward once next week is over and I have finished all of my presentations for this year.

The picture is a little blurred because that thing just wouldn't hold still - and a flash made it look blue...

This was the template, by the way:

P.S.: Beautiful option for a self-made Advent calendar - you just have to make 24 of them...

1 comment:

  1. Das ist total schön geworden - viel besser als langweilige Präsentationen für die Uni machen ;)
    Und die Farbe ist großartig!