95. Mechanical Puzzle Star

Woohoo! Here's wonderful achievement!
It has become a tradition that every year I buy some kind of mechanical puzzel at a Christmas market - mostly those to disassemble. So, while strolling around the Cirstmas market of my hometown with a friend yesterday, I discovered a puzzle which contained a star. (I admit, I had planned to buy one with a star this year.^^) 

Early this morning, after hours of sleep deprivation due to a nasty cough, I decided to give up trying to fall asleep and got up to get my puzzle. 20 minutes later I had figured it out (what a surprise! It made me feel so much better!) and now it looks like this:

So, my breathing may be badly affected by this cold, my brain, however, seems to work just fine - as yet. Good to know. :)


  1. I've played it too!!!
    It took me a lot of time;-)

  2. Me too, and I solved it accidentally while looking into another direction... I would have liked to see my face in that moment ^^