99. Hedgehog Star

OK, this star has nothing to do with a hedgehog, really, except that it's basically a ball of spikes - 64 of them, to be precise, which is a new record. :)

And again, it's rather simple to make once you know how:
You need:
8 round pieces of aliminium foil (the thick, coloured kind that's very popular around Christmas), 6 cm in diameter works fine
needle & thread

Fold a circle in half (x 4) so you get four lines crossing in the middle. (The paper I used is two-coloured, so the star could have got red and gold spikes - but I was nostalgic and in my memory they are all red.)
Cut on the folded lines but not all the way to the middle (leave about 5 mm uncut). Then place a sharpened pencil in the middle of one of the cut pieces and wrap both corners around its top while slowly pulling the pencil back. Once you've done that with all 8 pieces the result should look something like this:
You can try to glue the eight former-cirlces-now-stars together - depending on the kind of paper it may or may not work... Finally, just pull a thread through the middle, bend the spikes a little to form a ball and - done!

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